In the dying embers

They say if you scratch a cynic, you will find a disappointed idealist

George Carlin

It would be fair to say that Walski has become cynical in his old(er) age. About a lot of things. And part of the reason why he’s grown to become cynical is simply this: living in Malaysia for the past three decades, plus change.

When he returned back in 1990, Walski actually had hope that Malaysia would one day free herself of the shackles of feudalism, to embrace a more egalitarian reality, to regard all her citizens as equals by citizenship. It was a hope that all born in Malaysia would be regarded as daughters and sons of the soil.

Instead, thirty some years down the road, we’ve regressed to become an even more feudal society; class matters, being born with a silver spoon up your wazoo matters even more. And if one were to have the misfortune of being born into a “less preferred class” – definitions vary – then the blame is solely on that one for being born wrongly.

And that’s just the tip of the feudalism iceberg. So is that just cause enough for Walski’s cynicism?

Hence, what George Carlin mentions in that short YouTube clip (click on his name in the quote attribute above) resonates strongly with Walski. Because he’s like that pretty much – a disappointed idealist. Whatever optimism he once had that Malaysia would become a nation to be envied has turned into dread that this nation slips further down the abyss.

But hey, don’t worry if you’ve bought tickets, because we’re more than halfway there…

In today’s Malaysia, we have a convicted and disgraced ex-PM parading around like he’s a national fucking hero. Worse are his supporters, adulating him like a demigod. Why? Simply because of his perceived “pedigree”. If stated in canine terms, he’s an adulated top dog behaving like a complete bitch.

Is that the kind of Malaysia anyone could be proud of, all for the sake of upholding feudalism?

Also in today’s Malaysia, inept politicians are punished by elevating them to higher positions. Most recent case in point: Yes, Malaysia has become a nation where if you’re the right pedigree, preferred skin-color, and a member of correct political parties, you may very well fail upwards.

Recent case in point: Pasir Salak’s pride and joy Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, appointed as Malaysia’s next embarrassador ambassador to Indonesia. Let’s just hope he doesn’t start an international diplomatic incident any time soon. For all our sakes.

And then there’s the annoying oh-I’m-so-damned-important motorcades, ignoring the realities of everyday citizen traffic woes, parting the sea of automobiles like a platoon of hot-rod Moses wannabes. Just so these VIPs, VVIPs, VVVVVIPs – ad nauseum – can get from point A to point B without having to experience any hardship whatsoever. And anyone with the audacity to block these non-emergency vehicles? They get charged in court for “obstructing civil servant duties” Granted in this case said driver did act in a dangerous manner, the general public’s feelings towards these motorcade is well known. And they are far from good feelings.

Among other ways, that’s how feudalism has completely SCREWED UP Malaysia. And at the root of all this feudalism lies one political party – which Walski doesn’t need to name – that is the bane of Malaysia’s existence in a 21st century world. It is feudalism that keeps this damned party alive, hence the party’s zeal to keep feudalism alive. Not for the nation’s sake, but for their own survival.

From this party has, over time, spawned various bastardized versions of the original, whose only difference with the parent bastard is the rancid personalities inhabiting those parties. They live for feudalism, and use feudalism to their own decrepit advantage, all the while hypocritically proclaiming that their existence is for the good of the nation.

In truth, Malaysia would be better off without these damned parasites.

As you can probably tell by now, feudalism is something every single fiber in Walski loathes to the max.

So, tell you what: while the dying embers of Walski’s idealism still manifests itself, now coated with the ashen veneer of cynicism, he promises you this – come GE15, any political party that still dares to campaign based on upholding FEUDALISM as a way of Malaysian life will NEVER get his vote. Regardless of whether it’s the ORIGINAL party of bastards, or their vile bastard offspring parties.

Consider this a notice to you motherfuckers who love your feudalism so much, a feudalism that will result in the total obliteration and destruction of this nation that Walski loves. Because either you feudal bastards go to Hell, or Malaysia will; not if, but when.

Meanwhile, sit back, relax, and choke on your popcorn, while the nation sinks further down into the quicksand of feudal piety and suffocates…

(Photo credit: feature image used in this post was taken from this MalaysiaNow news report, about that particular unnamed political party Walski made reference to)