About myAsylum

So you thought you’d like to know more about Walski…

Walski’s Mission

This new blog is an attempt to revive an idea called myAsylum, a blog that Walski used to maintain actively between 2006 and 2014. Oh, and in case you didn’t notice, Walski writes in the third person…

So, what will this reincarnated blog be about? Pretty much similar to the old blog, except it’s now written by someone much older. Maybe not that much wiser, but certainly older.

Plus Walski has the intention to invite like-minded friends to contribute to the blog from time to time.

There’s a lot to talk about when it comes to Malaysian sociopolitics – not a day goes by without some new misadventure or shenanigan perpetrated either by politicians or certain “defender” groups in society.

In short, when it comes to Malaysia, there rarely is a dull day. And Walski wants to make sure he’s got a thing or three to say about it…

A Brief History of myAsylum

Once upon a time, on a blogging platform far, far away, there existed a blog called myAsylum. It is still alive, but has not been fed any new content since early 2014.

It was Walski69’s main preoccupation and place of residence on the world wide void of a web, a place where he vented about all the things that bothered him. These mainly had to do with the direction Malaysia was heading in at the time.

While Walski didn’t entirely disappear from the websphere, he turned to Twitter and Facebook to channel his angst.

Well guess what? Malaysia has NOT gotten any better. Not by a long shot.

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